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Welcome to my home page! On this page you will learn a little about me, my interests and my hobbies. I have listed my favorite movies, TV shows and so on, for those who are interested. On the lower portion of the page you will find links in various categories that I'm interested in.

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Updated on 12/24/2006 with new links in Section 9.

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To see pictures, please visit my Webshots photo galleries. Right now I have 14 galleries, including one nature gallery, 4 wildflower galleries, one old cemetery gallery, 2 old church galleries, one mixed historic buildings gallery, and a few others you may enjoy. The link is at the bottom of this page, above the webrings.

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Table of Contents for the links section

1) Nature, historical, etc,-- New Jersey related
These are links to websites in New Jersey, relating to historic places, museums, wildlife, the outdoors, tourism, etc.
2)Nature, historical, etc.-- Other states and countries
These are links to websites outside New Jersey, relating to historic places, museums, wildlife, the outdoors, tourism, etc.
3)Nature, historical, etc,-- General interest
These are links to websites regarding history, nature, and other things, that don't relate to a specific place.
4)Ansel Adams and Maxfield Parrish related websites
5)TV, movie, and comics related websites
6)Music related websites
7)hobby related pages, fun pages, message boards
These are websites where you can buy books, websites relating to various hobbies, websites that are just for fun, and a couple of message boards.
8)Electronics, etc.
9)Christian-related pages, church and denominational websites, etc.
These are creationism websites, and sites from various fundamental churches, Christian denominations, camps and missionary organizations, Christian radio and well-known Christian speakers and evangelists. There are also general Christianity and Theology pages.
10)(new section) Patriotic and 9/11-related websites, politically conservative sites, etc.

I am 45 and single, and I graduated from high school in 1981. I am a born-again Christian. I am pro-life and politically conservative (and Republican). I'm an environmentalist and I'm into historic preservation.

I have lived in New Jersey all my life and have lived here in the NJ Pine Barrens for the last 23 years. I work on the golf courses at a Marriott resort near here, called Marriott's Seaview Golf Resort (although I do not play golf). I have been employed there for 18 years now.

My interests and hobbies include antique & classic cars, trucks, farm tractors & heavy equipment, stamp & coin collecting, post card collecting, photography, nature, pets, architecture, historic places, old cemeteries, and shortwave radio listening. I also love paintings, prints and other artwork by Maxfield Parrish.

My favorite comics are Dilbert, The Far Side, Garfield, B.C., and Ziggy.

My favorite music groups (or solo artists) are The Moody Blues and also Jethro Tull, Yes, The Doors, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Boston, Zebra, some older Chicago, Journey, The Guess Who, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Electric Light Orchestra, The Yardbirds, Cream, The Monkees, Iron Butterfly, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Loreena McKennitt, John Denver, The Byrds, America, Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, The Mamas & the Papas, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, U2, Weird Al Yankovic, ZZ Top, Stryper, AC/DC, Quiet Riot, one album by Metallica, some Dokken, one album by Pearl Jam, and many others. I also like some movie themes by Ennio Morricone and most classical music, especially Bach pipe organ music. Then I also like Scottish Bagpipes, New Orleans Jazz Funeral music, and Gregorian Chants.

TV shows that I really like are The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen, PSI Factor, Doctor Who, Time Trax, The Twilight Zone, Night Visions, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Fantasy Island (Starring Malcolm McDowell), Kolchak: The Nightstalker, Night Stalker (new show, already cancelled), Farscape, Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, Lost In Space, SeaQuest DSV, Stargate SG-1, Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Superman (Starring George Reeves), Ghost Story (AKA- Circle of Fear), Fawlty Towers (Starring John Cleese), Unhappily Ever After, Get Smart!, The Muppett Show, Sanford and Son, Barney Miller, The Addams Family, Mr. Ed, Mystery Science Theater 3000, My Favorite Martian, Hercules: The legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Gilligan's Island, F Troop, The Honeymooners, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Wild Wild West (Starring Robert Conrad), B.J. and the Bear, Movin' On (Starring Claude Akins), Emergency!, Ironside (Starring Raymond Burr), Maigret (Starring Michael Gambon), Matt Helm (Starring Tony Franciosa), Due South, McMillan and Wife, In The Heat of The Night (Starring Carroll O'Connor), Columbo, Night Heat, Adam 12, Space Precinct, Star Cops, Alien Nation, NYPD Blue, Law and Order, Without a Trace, The Equalizer (Starring Edward Woodward), Animal Precinct, Bones, Crossing Jordan, House MD, and The Fugitive. I also like Judge Judy, The People's Court, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis and Judge Mills Lane. In addition I like In Search Of..., Unsolved Mysteries, Secret Life of Machines, Antiques Roadshow, Classic Arts Showcase, and many other non-fiction type shows.

I also like some old cartoons, including Gigantor, Mighty Mouse, Underdog, Felix the Cat, Popeye, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones. All these are classics.

My favorite movies are any ones that starred Clint Eastwood, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sidney Poitier. I also love the great Biblical epics and miniseries, such as The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, King of Kings, etc. Also, comedies and Science Fiction. As far as comedy movies go- I like The Three Stooges, The Bowery Boys, movies made by the team of Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker (Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane!, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, etc.), and movies made by Mel Brooks (Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, etc.).

The following is my enormous links section:

1) Nature, historical, etc.-- New Jersey related

New Jersey Home Page
New Jersey Tourism
New Jersey Scenic- A Scenic Guide to New Jersey
About New There's something for everyone in New Jersey
New Jersey Travel and Vacation Guide
Books about New Jersey
AZ Arrow-- county history booklets
Booklets available for every NJ county
search page for place names in NJ, past and present
Leave the options blank and hit "search"
and you will get the complete list.
Get NJ-- the origin of New Jersey place names
NJ Wildlife Management Areas directory
Special Interest license plates available from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Weird NJ magazine
Cool stuff!!
Weird NJ Travels Yahoo group
Weird NJ Yahoo group
Weird NJ fan site
+Lost Destinations+
Abandoned, Unusual, Wild & Weird New Jersey Road Trip Photography
Lost in
Your guide to the weird places that make this state great
The Un-quiet Tomb
The Wanderer
Whats in the forest-- Park Explorations
New Jersey Explorers
Abandoned in New Jersey (Yahoo group)
The New Jersey site of Project Paranormal
Institute of Urban Speleologic Studies and Archaeology
Abandoned, strange, historic, haunted & just plain interesting places
Haunted New Jersey
Norm's New Jersey Ghosts
Earth Share of New Jersey
Garden State EnviroNet
First in New Jersey for environmental news and information
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Appalachian Mountain Club-- New York-North Jersey Chapter
The Appalachian Trail in New Jersey
Hiking in New Jersey
NJ Division of Parks & Forestry Home Page
New Jersey Geological Survey
New Jersey Environment
New Jersey Green Acres Home Page
Garden State Greenways
New Jersey Forestry Association
New Jersey's Big Trees Program
New Jersey Tree Foundation
Torrey Botanical Society- New Jersey index
Partnerships For New Jersey Plant Conservation
Native Plant Society of New Jersey
Wild New Jersey
New Jersey Odonata
The dragonflies and damselflies of NJ
Endangered New Jersey
Endangered and threatened wildlife of the US, with a special focus on NJ
The New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers' Association
Abandoned and Little-known Airfields: New Jersey
The Archaeological Society of New Jersey
New Jersey Postal History Society
New Jersey Lighthouse Society
New Jersey Lighthouses
New Jersey
New Jersey Historic Trust
New Jersey Historical Commission
Preservation New Jersey
The New Jersey Homepage of the American Local History Network
New Jersey History's Mysteries
New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society
The Great Falls of the Passaic River-- Paterson, NJ
The Paterson Museum-- Paterson, NJ
Lambert Castle-- Paterson, NJ
Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Palisades Interstate Park - NJ Section
Palisades Amusement Park Historical Society
City of Newark, New Jersey-- Official website
Newark, NJ is the 3rd oldest major city in America (1665).
Newark, NJ
Welcome to!
An online guide to life in Newark, NJ
Virtual Newark, NJ
Where the past comes to life Newark's Ironbound on the web
the site of America's only catacombs
The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart- Newark, NJ
One of the most magnificent finished cathedrals in the US.
The Essex Mountain Sanatorium
The Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse of Jersey City
A Preservation Campaign by the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy
Plainfield Friends Meeting
It's current meeting house was built in 1788
North Jersey Highlands Historical Society
New Jersey Highlands Council
Friends of Long Pond Ironworks
The Skylands of New Jersey
Recreation and travel in New Jersey's great Northwest
Space Farms Zoo & Museum-- Sussex, NJ
Franklin Mineral Museum and Mine Replica
The Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Franklin Minerals websites
Hollowgraves Haunted House- Andover, NJ
Warren County Cultural & Heritage Commission
Lakota Wolf Preserve-- Knowlton Twp., Warren County, NJ
The Land of Make Believe-- Hope, NJ
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
The Ridge and Valley Conservancy, Inc.
The Walpack Inn-- Walpack Center, NJ
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco official website
In 1980 the movie "Friday the 13th" was filmed here.
History of Morris County, NJ
Wild West City-- Netcong, NJ
Historic Waterloo Village-- Stanhope, NJ
The Seward Mansion of Mount Olive Township, NJ
Once owned by the family of President Lincoln's Secretary of State
Washington Township Home Page (Morris Co., NJ)
Washington Township Land Trust
Chester, NJ-- Historical Information
Larison's Turkey Farm Inn Restaurant-- Chester, NJ
A great, historical place to eat
Green Sergeant's Covered Bridge
The only remaining historical covered bridge in NJ
Pine Creek Miniature Golf
A really cool miniature golf complex here in New Jersey.
The world's largest model railroad display (and it is huge !!!)
Black River & Western Railroad
Howell Living History Farm
Blairsden History
The Blairsden Mansion-- Peapack and Gladstone, NJ
Grover's Mill, NJ- War of the Worlds homepage
New Jersey State Museum-- Trenton, New Jersey
Hadrosaurus foulkii-- Discovering the World's First Full Dinosaur Skeleton-- Haddonfield, N.J., 1858
Middlesex County Parks Profiles
Click on park map at bottom, then Jamesburg park, etc.
Shrewsbury Friends Meeting
Founded in the 1660s, current meeting house built in 1816
Historic Allaire Village- Wall, NJ
Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association
Home of the famous Ocean Grove Auditorium, and its pipe organ
West Jersey and South Jersey Heritage
West Jersey History Project
Council of West Jersey Proprietors
Burlington County Historical Society
Saddler's Woods Conservation Association
A 25 acre urban old-growth forest, Haddon Twp., NJ
South Jersey History
Visit South Jersey
Doesn't cover all of South Jersey, but it's still good.
Great Places in South Jersey video
You know you're from South Jersey when...
111 Ways to know you're from South Jersey (humor)
Outdoor Club of South Jersey
Small Towns, Black Lives
African-American Communities in Southern New Jersey
Pineylore--The History and Folklore of the New Jersey Pinelands
South Jersey Folklore
Brian and Kim's Genealogy Page
Genealogical resources, principally concerned with South Jersey
New Jersey Pine Barrens overview
Very good all-inclusive page
New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve-- National Park Service site
New Jersey Pinelands Commission
I live in the NJ Pinelands.
The St. Paul School's NJ Pinelands site
From the St. Paul School in Burlington, NJ
The Eleanor Van Gelder School's Pine Barrens site
The school is in Edgewater, NJ
New Jersey Pine Barrens and Down Jersey
Pine Barrens Enthusiasts Web Site
Piney Power website- The Pine Barrens of NJ
John McPhee homepage
author of the book, The Pine Barrens
Pinelands Institute for Natural & Environmental Studies (P.I.N.E.S.)
New Jersey Pinelands links
This is really an excellent links page.
Pinelands Preservation Alliance
Torrey Botanical Society- Hiking Quaker Bridge
The Atlantic White-Cedar web page
The Swamp Pink NJ website
Plants of the New Jersey Pinelands (Pine Barrens)
An excellent site!
Mike Baker's Plants of the NJ Pine Barrens, and other Pine Barrens photography
This is a must-see site, with gorgeous photos
Michael Hogan Photography
Fine Art Photography of Southern New Jersey
New Jersey Pineways
Photographic images as seen through the lens of Ann-Marie Woods
Life in the New Jersey Pinelands
South Jersey Unpaved- Exploring the NJ Pine Barrens
Adventures in the South Jersey Woods
The Great Pine Barren Life and Lore Expedition Co.
Featuring pinelands hiking and backpacking adventures
Ghost Towns of Southern NJ
My Yahoo group about Southern NJ and Pine Barrens ghost towns, history, folklore, etc.
New Jersey Online: The Jersey Devil
Leut's Jersey Devil Page
The Jersey Devil Legend
The Forked River Mountain Coalition
The word "Forked" is pronounced Fork-ed (2 syllables)
Cranberry growing in New Jersey
Chatsworth Cranberry Festival
The Emilio Carranza Page- American Legion, Post 11
Flight of Excelsior
Emilio Carranza, his plane, and his ill-fated flight
a great page about The Blue Comet
National Railway Historical Society, West Jersey Chapter
Mt. Misery Retreat Center (United Methodist)
near Browns Mills, NJ
Cranberry Connection, L.L.C. --- Southampton Township, NJ
Woodford-Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge--- Medford, NJ
Quaker Meeting Houses of Burlington County
A good historical resource
Ghost towns of the New Jersey Pine Barrens--- Atsion
Adams Canoe Rental
Atsion, Shamong Township, Burlington County, NJ
Whitesbog Preservation Trust
Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
The Rova Resort-- Russian-American Rural Center-- Jackson, NJ
Albert Music Hall--Waretown, NJ
Tuckerton Seaport
Wharton State Forest
Website includes pages on Atsion, Batsto, and Carranza Road
Pine Barrens Canoe Rental
Washington Township, Burlington County, NJ
Wading Pines Camping Resort
a very nice campground in the heart of the Pine Barrens
Mick's Canoe Rental
Jenkins, Washington Township, Burlington County, NJ
Bel Haven Canoe Rental
Green Bank, Washington Township, Burlington County, NJ
Batsto Village homepage
Batsto Citizens Gazette
from the Batsto Citizens Committee
Cape-Atlantic Conservation District
Atlantic County, NJ-- American Local History Network
Atlantic County Historical Society homepage
Historic Sites in Atlantic County Parks
Atlantic County 4-H of New Jersey
Atlantic County Utilities Authority
St. Paul's United Methodist Church - Port Republic, NJ
Current building was built in 1871. Has awesome stained glass windows.
The Swan Bay Folk Art Center
American crafts at Port Republic, NJ
Smithville, NJ homepage
Includes the "Towne" of Historic Smithville
The Noyes Museum of Art-- Oceanville, NJ (Atlantic County)
Seaview Marriott Resort and Spa-- Galloway Twp., NJ
History of Egg Harbor Township (Atlantic County)
Storybook Land-- Cardiff, NJ
Ram's Head Inn--Absecon, NJ
Another great, historic restaurant
"Atlantique City" 2006 Holiday Megafair
The world's largest indoor antique and collectibles fair
(1600 dealers), Atlantic City convention center-- October 14-15, 200.
The Knife and Fork Inn- Atlantic City, NJ
One more great historic restaurant
official website of Lucy the Elephant
An unusual elephant-shaped building, built in 1881
Lucy the Elephant- Margate, NJ
Another Lucy page
One more Lucy page
The Ocean City Tabernacle- Ocean City, NJ
Palace Outfitters
A canoe rental in Weymouth, Hamilton Township, Atlantic County, NJ
Buena Vista Camping Park, Inc.
a large campground owned by a distant relative of mine (The word "Buena" is pronounced Bew-na).
African-American Heritage Museum of Southern NJ
Newtonville, Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, NJ
Unexpected Wildlife Refuge-- Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, NJ
A privately owned 540 acre wildlife refuge
Atlantic Blueberry Company
The world's largest blueberry farm, and it's only 10 miles from my house.
Welcome to Tomasello Winery
The Sweetwater Casino- Sweetwater, NJ
Amatol History Site
another site about Amatol
Homepage of Egg Harbor City, NJ
Egg Harbor City Historical Society
Egg Harbor City Roundhouse Museum
Renault Winery
One of the oldest in the U.S. and it's only 3 miles from my house.
Great Egg Harbor Watershed Association
Cape-Atlantic Rockhounds
A Mysterious Blue Swimming Hole
The Blue Hole- Winslow Township, Camden County, NJ
Welcome to "the other" New Jersey
Cumberland County Historical Society
G.E. Mechanical's Palace Depression page (Vineland, NJ)
Another good Palace Depression page
Welcome to Historic Bridgeton
Bridgeton has NJ's largest historic district.
The Cohanzick Zoo-- Bridgeton, NJ
This site is still under construction
Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and its Tributaries
Salem County Historical Society homepage
Preservation Salem Homepage
Welcome to Cowtown Rodeo!--Woodstown, Salem County, NJ
The longest running regular Saturday night rodeo in the entire United States!
Bay Side, NJ
A good page showing what's left of Bay Side, formerly Caviar, NJ
Friends of the Hancock House
House built in 1734-- Hancock's Bridge, NJ
The Wetlands Institute-- Stone Harbor, NJ
The Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Homepage of the Boro of Woodbine, NJ
The Sam Azeez Museum of Woodbine Heritage
Woodbine, Cape May County, NJ
Leaming's Run Gardens & Colonial Farm-- Swainton, Middle Twp., Cape May County, NJ
America's largest garden of annual flowers
Cape May Seashore Lines - Official Home Page
Train service for the Jersey Cape
Historic Cold Spring Village-- Lower Township, Cape May County, NJ
Cape May, New Jersey home page
Welcome to Congress Hall
A recently-restored historic hotel in Cape May
The restoration of Congress Hall
S.S. Atlantus
"Floating Tombstones"
A page about concrete ships, including the Atlantus
Welcome to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry

2)Nature, historical, etc.-- Other states and countries

The Eastern Native Tree Society
The Desert of Maine
A Very Grave Matter
History & Photographs of old colonial
gravestones & cemeteries in New England
Trinity Church-- Boston, MA
congregation founded 1733, current building is from 1872-77
a page of awesome pictures of Trinity Church
Welcome to the Unitarian Society of Fairhaven (MA)
Unitarian Society of Fairhaven, MA
Its building, which is often called "the finest example of
15th Century English Gothic in the US", was built 1901-1904
"Real" gargoyles can be seen at 15th-century-style cathedral in Fairhaven, MA by Christopher J. Richard.
A little history of this great building, along with some cool pictures
Fairhaven Office of Tourism
Old Ship Church, First Parish, Unitarian-Universalist-- Hingham, MA
Congregation founded 1635, current building is from 1681,
one of the oldest houses of worship in the United States.
The Hammond Castle Museum- Gloucester, MA
Saugus Ironworks National Historic Site-- Saugus, MA
Site of the first integrated ironworks in North America 1646-1668
Saugus Ironworks page, at the Essex Natural Heritage Area website
The Connecticut Gravestone Network
Welcome to the Newport Mansions
The great mansions of Newport, RI
NYC LINK - The Official New York City Web Site
NYC-Founded in the mid 1620s, it's the oldest major city in America.
NYFD, the unofficial home page of the New York City Fire Dept.
The Metropolitan Historic Structures Association
NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
The New York Landmarks Conservancy
Historic House Trust of New York City
Welcome to the New York Historical Society
New York: A Documentary Film online
New York City Convention and Visitor's Bureau - Welcome
The official website for New York City tourism
The Paperless Guide to New York
The NYC Insider
An insider's guide to New York City
New York City Guide - Attractions and more
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
mostly about Ellis Island
The Statue of Liberty facts, news and information
Trees New York
City of New York: Parks & Recreation official home page
New York City has 28,000 acres within its city park system.
Golf in New York City
Central Park (NYC) web site
Welcome to Prospect Park online--Brooklyn, NYC
The New York Botanical Garden
The New York Aquarium
The Bronx Zoo
Beyond Manhattan-- New York's Other Islands
A Love of Monsters
Gargoyles & Architectural Details in NYC
Forgotten NY
Forgotten, overlooked and ancient sights of New York City
The Bridge and Tunnel Club
Medieval New York
Paul Halsall/Fordham University-- Fall 1996-Spring 1998 Classes-- Introduction to Medieval History
The Brooklyn Bridge Website
The Plaza Hotel page, at the Historic Hotels of America website
The Waldorf-Astoria hotel, New York City
The Waldorf-Astoria page, at the Historic Hotels of America website
Grand Central Terminal
The greatest rail terminal in the world
History of Grand Central Terminal
Welcome to
The premier unofficial site about the history of the NYC subway system
The New York City Subway System, by Joe Korman
Chen's New York City Subway Page
The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel
The oldest subway tunnel in NYC, built in Brooklyn in 1844
Old, examining NYC's transportation infrastructure
About The New York Public Library
American Museum of Natural History
Museum of the City of New York
The Jewish Museum
National Museum of the American Indian
A Smithsonian museum located in New York City
The Cloisters Museum- Fort Tryon Park, New York City
A branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dedicated to medieval art and architecture
The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
The Fraunces Tavern Museum
A pre-revolutionary tavern in Manhattan
McSorley's Old Ale House
landmark tavern in Manhattan, Est. 1854
St. Patrick's Cathedral-- New York City
One of the most magnificent finished cathedrals in the U.S., also the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in the U.S.
Cathedral of St. John the Divine-- New York City
When completed, this cathedral will be the world's largest.
The Riverside Church-- NYC
Trinity Church-- New York City
congregation founded 1697, current building is from 1846
Grace Church-- New York City
Its current building is also from 1846
First Presbyterian Church in NYC
congregation founded 1716, current building is from 1846 (same year as Grace and Trinity)
former home of the noted liberal preacher of the 1920s, Harry Emerson Fosdick
Marble Collegiate Church-- NYC
congregation founded 1628, current building is from 1854
the oldest protestant congregation, of any type, in the United States
John Street United Methodist Church-- NYC
congregation founded 1766, current building is from 1841
the oldest Methodist congregation in the United States
St. Thomas Church-- NYC
congregation founded 1823, current building is from 1913
Congregation Shearith Israel-- The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of the City of New York
founded in 1654, current building is from 1897
the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States
Central Synagogue
founded in 1839, current building is from 1872
Eldridge Street Synagogue
Flushing Friends Meeting (Quakers)-- Flushing, Queens, NYC
Their current meeting house was built in
1694, one of the oldest houses of worship in the U.S.
Queens Historical Society
The Queensborough Preservation League
A Walk Through Queens | Thirteen/WNET
The Bowne House Historical Society
The Queens County Farm Museum
Prospect Cemetery--York College Campus, Jamaica
Welcome to Broad Channel, NY
Your virtual gateway to our island, Broad Channel, NY
Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department
Broad Channel Historical Society
The Brooklyn Historical Society
A Walk Around Brooklyn | Thirteen/WNET
The Brooklyn Museum
Wyckoff House and Association- Flatlands, Brooklyn
Built in 1652, the oldest house in NYC and New York State
Welcome to!
Coney Island History Web Site
Astroland Amusement Park-- Coney Island, Brooklyn
New York City's largest amusement park
Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park-- Coney Island, Brooklyn
Bronx County Historical Society
Back in the Bronx
Celebrating the experience of growing up and living in the Bronx
A Walk Through the Bronx | Thirteen/WNET
Welcome to Freedomland, USA!!
a good page about the former Freedomland amusement park in The Bronx
City Island, The Bronx, NY
City Island Historical Society
Staten Island Action Online
Staten Island Web
The Preservation League of Staten Island
Historic Richmondtown, Staten Island (NYC)
Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island (NYC)
New York Marble Cemetery
New York City Marble Cemetery
Green-Wood Cemetery -- Brooklyn, NY (New York City)
The Cemetery Belt--Why does Queens have so many cemeteries?
Article by Rhoda Amon - Newsday, on LI
Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries of Staten Island
Long Island Pine Barrens overview
Excellent page
New York State's Central Pine Barrens- Suffolk County, Long Island
The Long Island Pine Barrens Society
The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematory
The oldest pet cemetery in the U.S., located in Westchester County, NY
Yaz’ Hudson Valley Ruins and Abandoned Buildings, etc.
Welcome to Olana State Historic Site
Frederic E. Church's historic home on the Hudson River
Welcome to Lyndhurst
America's finest Gothic Revival mansion
The Bannerman Castle Trust
The Shawangunk Ridge Coalition
The Shawangunk Mountain Home Page
Mohonk Mountain House
The Mohonk Mountain House page, at the Historic Hotels of America website
The Mohonk Preserve
The Lake Minnewaska History Site
The Minnewaska Lodge
Minnewaska State Park Preserve
The Catskill Park
A famous state park in New York
About the Catskill Region
Hudson Valley Network: Castkill High Peaks
Save the Pine Bush
The Albany Pine Bush- a rare inland Pine Barrens ecosystem in the New York State Capital district
The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission
The Adirondack Park
This state park in New York is larger than the entire state of New Jersey!
New York State- Adirondack Park Agency
The Adirondack Museum- Blue Mountain Lake, NY
The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks
The Adirondack History Network
Adirondack Mountain Club
The Chautauqua Institution online
Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Niagara Frontier Botanical Society
The Zoar Valley Nature Society
Zoar Valley Canyon, near Buffalo, NY- home of some great old growth forests
Zoar Valley
1000 Islands & Boldt Castle
On the St. Lawrence River, between New York State and Ontario.
Pennsylvania Highways--- The Pennsylvania Turnpike's Abandoned sections
Breezewood and the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike
Trip 2002--- Pennsylvania Turnpike
Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul-- Philadelphia, PA
Christ Church-- Philadelphia, PA
congregation founded 1695, current building is from 1727
Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site- Official Homepage
The Kutztown "PA Dutch" Folk Festival--Kutztown, PA
Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association
Welcome to Cherry-Crest Farm!!
Home of The Amazing Maize Maze™! (a walk-through maze in a cornfield)
Willow Valley Resort & Conference Center
Shady Maple Smorgasbord Restaurant-- Lancaster County, PA
An awesome place to eat!
Miller's Smorgasbord-- Lancaster County, PA
Roadside America indoor miniature village-- Shartlesville, PA
Centralia, PA - The Mine Fire
Centralia, PA - Underground Mine Fires burning since 1961
Centralia... A Photographic Essay
The Hotel Hershey-- Hershey, PA
The Harry Packer Mansion-- Jim Thorpe, PA
Used as the model for the haunted mansion in Disney World,
it's now a Bed & Breakfast, featuring Murder Mystery Weekends
The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Fallingwater- official web page
Landmark home in PA designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Trap Pond State Park-- Laurel, Sussex County, DE
home of the northernmost Baldcypress swamp in the United States
Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church- Wilmington, DE
Church built 1698-99, and is one of the oldest houses of worship in the U.S.
Barratt's Chapel & Museum-- Frederica, Kent County, DE
Built in 1780, it's the oldest house of worship in the U.S., built by and for Methodists.
another web page about Barratt's Chapel & Museum
The Library of Congress Home Page
Smithsonian Institution
Washington National Cathedral
The Old Post Office-- Washington, DC
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Homepage
The Natural Bridge-- Natural Bridge, VA
Luray Caverns-- Luray, VA
Grand Caverns-- Grottoes, VA
Colonial Williamsburg (VA)-- official home page
Virtual Jamestown
The Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological project
Historic St. Luke's Church- Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, VA
Built in 1632, possibly the oldest house of worship in America
Welcome to the Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive
Welcome to the Biltmore Estate
Largest private home ever built in North America
Mast General Store- Valle Crucis, NC- since 1883
The "Peachoid" watertower, Gaffney, South Carolina
Stone Mountain Park, Georgia
home of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial
Stone Mountain Park links
Stone Mountain
A page of pictures of the mountain itself and the carving, with a scientific slant
St. Augustine, FL- official webpage
Founded in 1565, it's America's oldest city (NYC is America's oldest major city)
The Unofficial Webpage of the Haunted Mansion (Walt Disney World, FL)
Welcome to
Chef Mayhem's Tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansion
The Unofficial Disney World Haunted Mansion website
Sam and RyanHM's Haunted Mansion Page
Haunted Mansion, Disney World
Haunted Mansion Interior Photos
The Coral Castle- Homestead, FL (south of Miami)
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple
An historic church which has the distinction of being the world's tallest
The Farnsworth House- official website
historic house in Illinois, designed by famed architect Mies van der Rohe
St. Louis Union Station-- St. Louis, MO
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Home Page
Indiana Dunes State Park- official homepage
Indiana Dunes State Park
An excellent, unofficial homepage
West Baden Springs Hotel-- West Baden Springs, IN
Marfa Mystery Lights-- Marfa, TX
The Mount Rushmore Home Page
Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Home Page
The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort- Colorado Springs, CO
An historic 5-star resort at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain in the Rockies
Desert USA
Great website!
New Mexico-- The Roswell Accident
Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains of Montana
Exploring the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range
Nevada Ghosttowns- Bob and Brenda exploring!
Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society
California's old Spanish Missions
California Mission Studies Association
Bodie - A Real Ghost Town - Bodie, California
Bodie State Historic Park
Welcome to Salvation Mountain (Slab City, CA)
Salvation Mountain- Leonard Knight's Desert Vision
Leonard Knight, of Salvation Mountain
Hearst Castle
The story of the Donner Party
the most famous tragedy in the history of westward migration
The Witch's House (The Libow Cottage)-- Beverly Hills, CA
Unfortunately it's not open to the public.
Welcome to Santa Cruz 360!
A really neat website
The Winchester Mystery House-- San Jose, CA
On my list of must-see places in CA
The Giant Camera of San Francisco
Sacramento's Old City Cemetery
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine
The World's Oldest Trees
General Sherman- the Giant Sequoia
The World's Largest Tree
Giant Sequoias- Treasures of the Nation
"Sequoia Giganticus"- a site from Sequoia Home Loans, Inc.
A Coast Redwood Primer
The World's Tallest Trees
Save-The-Redwoods League
Giant Sequoias and Coast Redwoods- facts and figures
On-line gallery of "drive-thru tree" postcards
A very large, extensive gallery
Animal Place-- Vacaville, CA
a nonprofit sanctuary for abused and discarded ‘farm’ animals
The American Advertising Museum-- Portland, OR
Timberline Lodge-- Mt. Hood, OR
The State of Alaska Online
Alaska Video Pictures
Your largest Alaska video source!
Alaska magazine
The Good Friday Earthquake. The most powerful ever to hit North America
Largest Earthquakes in the US-- Alaska 03/27/1964
Mt. Katmai, Alaska 1912
One of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history
Mt. Katmai and Novarupta eruption, Alaska 1912
Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes-- Katmai National Park, AK
lots of great photos on this page
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) page at the Everything Alaska website
I saw the Northern Lights here in NJ once.
The Aurora Page - Photographs by Jan Curtis
Beautiful photographs at this page!
The unofficial Algoma Central Railway Home Page, by Ted Ellis
rail excursions in beautiful, scenic Ontario
Algoma Central Railway Inc.
timetables, addresses and other info
Algoma Central Railway and Agawa Canyon, Ontario
from John Cletheroe's USA and Canada Holiday Hints site
Stories & photos of Ghost Towns in Alberta & Ontario
St. Mary's Parish-- Church Point, Nova Scotia
The tallest and largest wooden church in North America
another web page for St. Mary's in Church Point
Hartland Covered Bridge--Hartland, New Brunswick
At 1282 feet, it's the longest covered bridge in the world.
Canadian Pacific Hotels
The Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Welcome to the Triangle
Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi (Italy) - Home Page
The Ideal Palace, of the postman, Cheval- Hauterive, France
Le Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval
Site is in French. Use Alta Vista Translator to translate.
Welcome to The Legend of Nessie, the ultimate Loch Ness Monster site
SnowCastle-- Kemi, Finland
Neat resort complex made of snow- with hotel, restaurant, art gallery, etc. Check it out!
Churches and Cathedrals in Moscow (Russia)
St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow

3)Nature, historical, etc.-- General interest

The Weather Channel online
Get your local forecast here, or get the forecast for when you take daytrips
The Weather Network online
If you are in Canada, get your local forecast here
How Far Across the States?
Travel distances between major U.S. cities
Alfred B. Patton, Inc.-- Maps
U.S. Geological Survey
Order USGS Survey (topographical) maps from this government agency
The Foliage Network
The CIA World Factbook
Find information on any country in the world
The Glossary
Huge glossary of terms used in nature study and appreciation
National Caves Association
Journey into Amazing Caves- underwater caves, ice caves
MacGillivray Freeman Films' third Great Adventure Film, photographed with IMAX® cameras.
The Whispering Pines
The Yahoo group for those interested in enjoying nature and preserving it for the future
The Circle of Life Foundation homepage
National Geographic Society online
The Nature Conservancy Home Page
The Trust for Public Land
The Land Trust Alliance
National Parks Conservation Association
Scenic America
Sierra Club Home Page
The Wilderness Society
American Hiking Society
Welcome to the Appalachian Trail Conference
An interactive website for Appalachian Trail thru-hikers
Welcome to the Appalachian Mountain Club connecting people to the outdoors
National 4-H Council
The Endangered Species Coalition
Audubon Online
The Torrey Botanical Society online
American Forestry Association
National Register of Big Trees
state and National champion trees
Champion Trees and Ancient Forests
National Arbor Day Foundation
The National Tree Trust
Heritage Forests Campaign
"Once they're gone, they're gone forever."
Campaign to Save our Wild Forests
The Luna Tree Sit
Julia Butterfly Hill's tree-sitting protest (it was successful)
The Gatherer Institute
Teaching people to become caretakers of the planet
Forest Fire Lookout Association Home Page
A good field guide type website
The American Bald Eagle Foundation
American Bald Eagle information site
The Turkey Vulture Society
I see Turkey Vultures every day, just about
The Hummingbird WebSite
The Butterfly WebSite
The most complete information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education.
The Dragonfly WebSite
Praying Mantis (the insect) links and FAQ
a Walking-Stick (insect) page
Walking Sticks are somewhat common around here.
Triops webpage
Cool little creatures that live in water. Eggs available online.
Welcome to the Giant Pumpkins Web Site
World Class Giant Pumpkin Home Page
Pumpkins on the Web
Indian Pipe (plant)- article, with picture, from
Indian Pipes are very cool!
Indian Pipe- from the Wildflowers of Rhode Island website
This one has a great picture!
An Indian Pipe page from the Web of Species site
Indian Pipe picture from the Plants of the NJ Pine Barrens page
The International Carnivorous Plant Society
International Carnivorous Plant Society webring
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ
Strange Magazine--Investigating Strange Phenomena
Very cool stuff!
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
More very cool stuff!
Ripley's... Believe It or Not! - Official Web Site
Guinness World Records - Homepage
Weird USA
A "hot-list", or search engine, for sites of a "weird" nature, in every state
Seekers of the Unknown
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
The Bigfoot Internet Library
The Crop Circle Connector
The Crop Circular
The world's premier crop circle research site
Haunted America
Shadowlands Haunted Places Index
state by state, country by country index
Ghosts of the Prairie- American ghosts and hauntings
Roadside America- Your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions
Largest and most up to date online ghost towns reference site
Ghost Towns West (Yahoo group)
Pictures of ghost towns and historic places in the US
Monument Gallery
Ghost town and wild west pictures, etc.
Association for Gravestone Studies
Tomb With a View
A quarterly newsletter for cemetery friends, fans and followers.
Cemetery Culture: City of the Silent
International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc.
Gravestone Preservation
Links to resources on cemetery history and preservation
Saving Graves
Working together to preserve and protect endangered cemeteries
Grave Addiction-- Photos from cemeteries, haunted places and historical sites
The Cemetery
The Club for Cemetery Buffs
A Yahoo group for those who like cemeteries
Covered bridges, listed by truss types
Covered Bridge links
More Covered Bridge links
Still more Covered Bridge links
Round Barns and Covered Bridges
Castles of the United States
The Drive-in theater website
Digital Archive of American Architecture
Historic Panoramic Maps
High quality reprints of historic maps and panoramic photos
Shelia's, Inc.
"America's Finest Historic Homes & Buildings In Miniature"
National Register of Historic Places
National Trust For Historic Preservation
I am a member of this organization.
Heritage Preservation
Ensuring the preservation of America's cultural heritage
The American Local History Network
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
My paternal grandmother is a member of this organization.
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
The American Family Immigration History Center
Explore your family history at Ellis Island
The Old House Network
This Old House online
America's first and favorite home renovation show.
Old House Journal
One of my favorite magazines
Operation Sail, Inc.
All about the famous gathering of tall ships

4)Ansel Adams and Maxfield Parrish related

Ansel Adams Home Page
A great nature photographer of the past
Ansel Adams at Corbis
The Ansel Adams Gallery
Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966)
A great American artist
Maxfield Parrish - Unofficial Site
This one is still under construction.
Alma Gilbert, Inc.
The Source for Maxfield Parrish Art
Maxfield Parrish - Guide to Online Exhibits
Maxfield Parrish Art Gallery

5)TV, movie, comics related

The G-Files: The Real X-Files
The X-Files
My Favorite TV show of all time
Rohan's X-Files Realm
X-Files Outside/Inside Jokes list
This is a must-see website! Listings of TV shows, movies, books, etc. that mention the X-Files
The Lone Gunmen- official site
John's Twilight Zone Page
Twilight Zone page at
Twilight Zone episode guide
for the original black and white series only
Night Visions- official site
The Night Visions page at the TV Tome website
The Kolchak: The Nightstalker Home Page
Kolchak: The Nightstalker page at
Lost In Space
The classic TV show
Space Precinct- official web page
Space Precinct web page
Farscape page at
The Console Room
Doctor Who- Official web page
The Doctor Who WWW Guide
Doctor Who links
The Enterprise meets the TARDIS
A cool website for fans of both Star Trek and Dr. Who
Episode guide for the New "Fantasy Island" (starring Malcolm McDowell)
The New Fantasy Island page from "The Genius of Malcolm McDowell" website
New Fantasy Island page at
PSI Factor official website
Transmission Tone- the WWW guide to Time Trax
Time Trax- a great unofficial site for Time Trax fans
The unofficial Addams Family web site
Simenon's Inspector Maigret
An episode guide to Maigret (starring Michael Gambon)
dueSouth- the Official web site
Alex's dueSouth Page
The Adventures of Superman (starring George Reeves)
The George Reeves Superman page
The In Search of... homepage
Sightings page at
The Unsolved Mysteries homepage
Secret Life of Machines episode guide
Classic Arts Showcase
Performing - Visual - Film
Courtroom T.V Shows
Information about, and links to the websites of shows such as Judge Judy, Judge Mills Lane, etc.
The People's Court-- official site
The original courtroom TV show
Judge Judy-- official site
Judge Joe Brown-- official site
The WB38 homepage for Judge Joe Brown
Judge Greg Mathis Official Homepage
Texas Justice, with Judge Larry Joe Doherty
The official Dog the Bounty Hunter site
The Official Uncle Floyd site
Gumby is on the Web
GumbyWorld Homepage
Mike-D's Gumby and Pokey Page
Gumby online
Fred Ladd's Official Gigantor Web Site
Official Felix the Cat website
A Yahoo group for all tv shows and movies.
TVLand Club
A Yahoo group for all tv shows.
TV Crimestoppers Club
A Yahoo group to discuss your favorite police and detective shows on TV
American Movie Classics (AMC) online
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) online
The Silents Majority
Classic silent film fan club and on-line journal
The Silent Film Bookshelf
Hollywood Heritage
The Hollywood Studio Museum (The DeMille Barn)
DeMille's Lost City
excavating the remains of the set of the 1923 silent Biblical epic, The Ten Commandments
Elizabeth's Cecil B. DeMille Page
A Cecil B. DeMille page
Spaghetti Westerns in America
Clint Eastwood - The World Wide Web Page!
Spaghetti Westerns - trip to Spain
Film locations of Clint's three Spaghetti Westerns
Spaghetti Western Replicas
Authentic Western garb from Clint's three Spaghetti Westerns
The Sergio Leone Home Page
The Ennio Morricone Website
Site is in German, but English version coming soon
The Ennio Morricone Fan Page
The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages
The Shrine to Cary Grant
Elizabeth's Cary Grant Page
Arnold Schwarzenegger website
The Inspector Clouseau Site
A Tribute to Peter Sellers' character portrayals in the Pink Panther films
The Pink Panther Fan Home Page
Official website for the movie, "Fallen"
Filmed partially in the NJ Pine Barrens
Welcome to Vulcan Enterprises!
A great source for hard to find tv shows and movies on video
MGI Video
J.E. Hill Multimedia Company--- Video & CD-ROM Catalog
Instructional, special interest, and educational
Kino International
A company specializing in rare and hard to find videos
Critics' Choice Video
These guys have the best guarantee in the business.
Welcome to MoviesUnlimited.Com Your connection to the movies
Lance Entertainment
The only source for Michael Gambon "Maigret" videos
The Due South video tape exchange
The Twilight Zone Classic Sci-Fi Video Store
800-Trekker Science Fiction Collectibles Online Catalog
The Science Fiction Continuum homepage
M & J Variety Distributors-- Toys & Collectibles
Specializing in T.V. and Movie related toys
Greatest Films
American Film Institute List of America's 100 Greatest Movies
All-Movie Guide Main Page
TV GUIDE Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database
This one includes TV shows.
The Dilbert Zone
My favorite comic strip of all time
B.C.--comic strip

6)Music related

Index of Moody Blues Resources on the web
They are my favorite music group of all time
Moody Blues Fan Club page
The Moody Blues Message Board
The Bill Bisch website- Featuring Moody Blues music, collectibles and memorabilia
War of the Worlds
Jeff Wayne's musical version- 1978 (not a movie)
The official Jethro Tull website
Official Weird Al Yankovic web page
Dr. Demento official site
VH1 : 100 Greatest Songs of Rock n' Roll
The Official Johnny Cash Page
The Music of Maxfield Parrish by Bob & Robin Orfant
The Jazz Funeral
A page from New Orleans Online
A cool Christian music website
Sad & Tragic Gallery (of religious album covers)
Part of a website I thought was quite interesting
the Word Records story
Gregorian Chant Home Page
Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos Home Page
Home of the monks who brought us the "Chant" CDs. Site is in Spanish.
Use Alta Vista Translator below.
The J.S. Bach Home Page
The Pipe Organ Education Project
The World's Largest Pipe Organs
Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society
The world's largest pipe organ.
Friends of the Wanamaker Organ
The world's largest fully operational pipe organ.
Experience The Wanamaker Organ !!!
Also, be sure to check out the great list of links at the bottom of his page.
The E. Power Biggs Collection
A small, but good, web page about my favorite organist!
The E. Power Biggs Fansite
Another good one!
The Joy of Music, with Diane Bish, the "First Lady of the Organ"
Charlotte Church official site
Michael Junior Page!
Welcome to Pammi's Psychedelic Era of the 60's!! (and some 70's)
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Home Page
The makers of the MFSL 24 kt gold ultradisc CDs
Vinyl Vendors
Vinyl records for sale (lp, 45 rpm, etc.)
Welcome to All Vinyl Records
Another seller of vinyl records
Paula's House of Music
Out of print 45s, albums and 12" singles from the 50s to the 80s.
NVI Classical Records
A great source for classical music on vinyl
Gothic Records
A great source for classical music, especially pipe organ
Collectors' Choice Music
These guys have the best guarantee in the business.
Songsearch Virtual Music Store
CD Now-- music & video
CD Universe-- Your online music store
Welcome to CDworld
Compact Disc World
Welcome to Tunes-- new and used CDs
Princeton Record Exchange
New and used LPs and CDs bought and sold
Send music to anyone, through e-mail! Very cool.
Have your old recordings (any format) converted to CDs!
8-Track Heaven
Your guide to the world of 8-track tapes
All-Music Guide Main Page

7)hobby related pages, fun pages, message boards

The original on-line auction
Welcome to, an Ebay company
The smartest place to buy and sell books, music, computers, etc.'s Biggest Selection
books, video, music, etc.
Barnes &
Welcome to!
The best search page for new and used books
the world's largest network of independent booksellers
Books you thought you'd never find.
Gravelly Run Antiquarians
A good used bookseller in South Jersey
Pine Barrens Press
located in the restored Buzby's General Store-- Chatsworth, NJ
Down The Shore Publishing
publishers of South Jersey books, videos, calendars, etc.
Plexus Publishing- Medford, NJ
publishers of some great South Jersey titles
Rutgers University Press
publishers of many great South Jersey titles
Dale Laboratories, Inc.
The photo lab that I use (and recommend).
20th Century Direct
Photo products and accessories. Great photo albums!
American Philatelic Society
(Philately = stamp collecting)
One of the most comprehensive and interactive Stamp Collecting Websites since 1994
The largest and most comprehensive worldwide site about stamp collecting
Order your new stamps online, direct from the Postal Service.
H.E. Harris & Co. - Coins, Stamps, etc.
Kenmore Stamp Company
Jamestown Stamp Company
Gary Anderson Postal History
Meter Stamp Society homepage
National Duck Stamp Collectors Society Web Page
Postcard collecting resources worldwide
American Numismatic Association
(Numismatics = coin collecting)
Littleton Coin Company
Antique Bottle Collector's Haven
Mall of America home page
The largest shopping mall in the U. S. (This mall is huge!)
West Edmonton Mall home page
The largest shopping mall in the world (This mall is even bigger than Mall of America!)
Who's Alive and Who's Dead
The site that helps you keep track of which famous people have died and which are still alive!
Welcome to InThe70s.Com
The 70s Preservation Society
Stuck in the 70s
The 70s Revival
A Yahoo club for people who love the 70s
Retroland - You are what you were.
The View-Master Ultimate Reel List, Inc.
The largest selection of new and vintage View-Master®
John Mann's 'Wacky Packages' web page
Dr. Karlosi's Lab
Cool, weird and unusual stuff to buy!
MCD Skeletons for Sale
Graveyard Greetings
Specializing in customizable novelty tombstones for birthday presents or greetings
The Fright Catalog, Inc.
Cheerwine website
Cheerwine tastes almost like Dr. Pepper
Alta Vista Translations
Translate text on the web or any web page
The Dialectizer
Fun, fun, fun!
American Slanguages--- The Hick-to-Hip translation guide
More fun!
NetLingo Dictionary of Online Words
Learn internet jargon (and other related stuff) here.
New Jersey Pinelands and Down Jersey message forums message board
Spaghetti Westerns message board
The Sergio Leone message board
The Ennio Morricone message board
The Lee Van Cleef message board
In the 70s message board

8)Electronics, etc.

Learn how everything works!
Acoustic Research Loudspeakers
Makers of great speakers
Grundig online
A great German electronics company (They make radios, tv's, etc.)
The Shortwave Store
Featuring Grundig and Sangean Shortwave Receivers
WRTH Online (World Radio TV Handbook)
The directory of international broadcasting, now in its 54th year
The Web Resource for Radio Hobbyists
The North American Shortwave Association
Welcome to the SPEEDX Shortwave and DXing Web page
Antique Radio Home Page
Collecting Calculators
home of the International Association of Calculator Collectors
The Calculator Reference
Vintage Calculators
The Old Calculators Web Museum
Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices-- Solingen, Germany
LED watches
Be, Inc.
Get your Be operating system here. (replaces Windows operating systems)
Zone Labs homepage
Get ZoneAlarm™. It provides rock-solid protection against Internet thieves, vandals and hackers
How to get rid of pop-up windows
Click the link to find out. There are a few choices.
The American Flag cursor- free for public use
Same as the one on this page
Webmonkey, The Web Developer's Resource
JavaScript, HTML, color codes, etc.
The ANSI Character Set
All the characters that are NOT on your keyboard, and how to put them in your e-mail, etc.
Wacky B - Distinctively different
A great website, with computer, software and Internet information and assistance
404 Research Lab
404 Not Found Homepage
The disappearing website as art (404)
Computer History Museum homepage
The Machine That Changed The World
A great PBS video series on the history of computers
another site for The Machine That Changed The World
Computers I have known
Comprehensive Computer Catalog
listing 4335 computers
Comprehensive Computer list
Welcome to The Time-Warp!
Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades
PhoneCo, Inc.- Antique Telephones for sale
Welcome to CNET!
c/net TV is a pretty cool tv show
N.I.S.T.- Time & Frequency Division
formerly the National Bureau of Standards
A brief history of N.I.S.T. Atomic Clocks
all about Cesium Atomic clocks
the world's most accurate clocks
The Official U.S. Time
very interesting website

9)Christian-related pages, official church websites, etc.

Institute for Creation Research
The Creation Research Society
Answers in Genesis Ministries
Creation Science Evangelism
Northwest Creation Network
Mount Olive Community Bible Church- Mount Olive Township, NJ
Old name: Mount Olive Baptist Church. 250th Anniversary 2003.
This is the church I attended before 1985.
Christ's Wesleyan Church- Egg Harbor, NJ
Emmanuel Congregational Church- Egg Harbor, NJ (independent)
100th Anniversary 2003.
Boardwalk Chapel- Wildwood, NJ
Orthodox Presbyterian
Broadalbin Baptist Church- Broadalbin, NY
Parsippany Baptist Church- Parsippany, NJ
Brookdale Baptist Church- Bloomfield, NJ
First Baptist Church- Hammond, IN-- official site
Home of the world's largest sunday school
First Baptist Church- Hammond, IN-- an unofficial site
First Baptist Church- Hammond, IN
A different page about this church
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church- Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Coral Ridge Ministries Online
First Baptist Church, Atlanta
In Touch Ministries
Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
Calvary Baptist Church- 123 W. 57th St., New York City
Times Square Church- 1657 Broadway, New York City
Founded by David Wilkerson
Westminster Chapel- London, UK
The Worldwide Church of God
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
The Presbyterian Church in America
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church
The Wesleyan Church online
The Congregational Methodist Church
The Evangelical Methodist Church
The Primitive Methodist Church in the U.S.A.
The African Methodist Episcopal Church
The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
This is the closest thing to an A.M.E. Zion homepage that I've found.
The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod
The Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
Evangelical Friends International
(Friends = Quakers)
Religious Society of Friends links page
A gigantic Quaker links page!
The Salvation Army-- USA national headquarters
The Mennonite Church USA
The Assemblies of God (USA) official website
The Christian and Missionary Alliance
The Moravian Church in North America
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches
The Primitive Baptist Web Station
The Primitive Baptist Portal
The Southern Baptist Convention
Seventh Day Baptist General Conference
Seventh Day Adventist Church official website
Brethren Online
Plymouth Brethren information
another site regarding Plymouth Brethren
Independent Fundamental Churches of America
National Association of Evangelicals
Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Word of Life Fellowship
A Christian camp and conference center in the Adirondacks of New York
High Point Camp and Conference Center- Geigertown, PA
New Life Island
A Christian youth camp in New Jersey (that I've been to as a teenager)
Camp Susque- Trout Run, PA
Another Christian youth camp that I've been to
Liebenzell Mission USA Home Page
Friends Of Israel Gospel Ministry
Welcome to the Russian Christian Page!
Dominion Sky Angel
The Christian satellite TV and radio system
Family Radio Online
American Family Radio
From the American Family Association
HCJB World Radio
Christian shortwave radio, from Quito, Ecuador
The Paul Anderson Youth Home- Vidalia, GA
Founded in 1961, by the late Paul Anderson, world-renowned Christian strong-man
Support the Paul Anderson Youth Home
a web page selling books, cassettes and video tapes by Paul Anderson
'The Power Team'
Joni and Friends Home Page
The Disability Outreach of Joni Eareckson Tada (The name "Joni" is pronounced Johnny)
In His Steps Ministries
Spreading the Gospel through the performing arts
The Festivals of Male Voice Praise
Welcome to the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Home Page
Dr. Barnhouse and the Bible radio ministry
Billy Graham Online
Jerry Falwell Ministries
World Challenge Online- David Wilkerson Ministries
Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site
C. S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight
a huge C.S. Lewis links page
Official website of Rob Evans, the Donut Man
Dr. Anthony Campolo, aka Tony Campolo
Charlie "Tremendous" Jones Home Page
The Spurgeon Archive
The largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the worldwide web
The Reformed Methodist Homepage
Rich's Home Page of Reformed Theology
The Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc.
The Confessing movement within the United Methodist Church
The New Jersey Association of Confessing United Methodists
The Evangelical Theological Society
Fides Quaerens Internetum - The Christian Theology Page
The Christian Research Institute
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Hall of Church History
Theology from A Bunch of Dead Guys™
Martin Luther (1483-1546)
The Biblical Archaeology Society
Reasoning From the Scriptures Ministries
The Christian Answers Network
Xristos Home Page
A Web Resource for Christian Education and Discipleship
Welcome to
The Interactive Bible
Official creeds for every church Home Page: Interactive Bible
Creeds of Christendom
The Solid Light Co.- sellers of Christian t-shirts and sweatshirts
Christianity Online
World Magazine on the web
Rare Jewel Magazine
AMF Christian Videos- VHS and DVDs Christian Book Distributors, Inc.
Your source for just about any Christian book!
Christian Literature World, Inc.
Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company
The Jesus Film Project
The Jesus Video Project
Sight & Sound Theaters- Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA
The Foundation for American Christian Education
Association of Christian Schools International
American Association of Christian Schools
Garden State Association of Christian Schools
Pilgrim Academy Home Page
The Christian school run by my parents' church in Egg Harbor, NJ.
National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
Welcome to Knox Theological Seminary
The Official Promise Keepers Website
About Those Promise Keepers!
Focus on the Family online
The American Famlily Association
The Family Research Council
The Religious Freedom Coalition
The Wallbuilders homepage
Christian Coalition of America
League of Christian Voters
Faith and Action
The Traditional Values Coalition
Christian Heritage Tours
Human Life International
National Right to Life
Respect-for-life, Inc.
Republican National Coalition for Life
Webring of conservative Christian sites

10)Patriotic pages, and conservative political pages.

America- 9/11
Links to great patriotic sites put up after 9/11
September 11th Memorial
September 11
News archives of 9/11
God Bless America 9-11-01
Proud to be American
In memory of all victims of terrorism
America United--- World Trade Center Memorial
Garden of Reflection-- Bucks County 9/11 Memorial
Land of the Free
Part of a site with many, many great pages.
Check them out!
Rocky & Shirl's Little Corner of the Internet
I Pledge Allegiance
Listen to Red Skelton explain the Pledge of Allegiance!
A chronology of U.S. historical documents
The Waste Prevention Center Homepage
Citizens Against Government Waste
The Liberty Film Festival
The Conservative DVD Club
The Conservative Book Club
Get your patriotic bumper stickers, shirts and other gifts here.
Great George Bush "W" flag magnets, bumper stickers, etc.
911 Magnet
Great 9/11 memorial magnets (I have one!)
Hillsdale College - Independence for Excellence Since 1844
A great conservative college
The most comprehensive website devoted to George W. Bush
Remember Ronald Reagan
Fox News
We report. You decide.
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Official Dr. Laura Website
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Laura Ingraham
Ann Coulter
Debbie Schlussel
Sean Hannity
Bill O'Reilly
The O'Reilly Factor, at Fox News
Bill Bennett's Morning in America
David Limbaugh
The Michael Reagan Show
The Michael Medved Show
The Glenn Beck Show
The Steve Yuhas Show
Oliver North
Newt Gingrich
George Pataki
Barry Farber's articles at
I cannot find an official site for him.
There is also a much younger guy with the same name.
Paul Harvey News and Comment- official homepage
The Official Morton Downey Jr. Website
The Morton Downey Jr. Homepage
This one also claims to be the official site
The Super Imus Links Pages
Don Imus ("Imus in the Morning")
Free Conservatives forums
Free Republic
Conservative Life
Free Britannia/Sterling Times
The John Birch Society
The Heritage Foundation
Policy research and analysis
Thomas More Law Center
American Center for Law & Justice
The National Review online
The Weekly Standard
another conservative magazine
The New American- America's conservative magazine
The Patriot Post
The internet's leading journal of Federalism and the Founders
The Drudge Report 2006®
Cybercast News Service
Jewish World Review
Christian News Today
The Beacon
Today's news for today's church
Vision America
the Common Conservative
Practical conservatism for the common man.
United We Stand America- the Grass Roots
American Veterans in Domestic Defense
A Jewish Dude with a Conservative Attitude
Renew America- The Grassroots at Work
The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes
The Veterans' Wall of Honor
The Conservative Caucus
Intellectual Conservative
The Republican National Committee
Bringing the Conservative message to America
Jersey GOP
The Margaret Thatcher Foundation
The Claremont Institute
ConservaBabes USA
The Talk Show American
The Declaration Foundation -- Restoring America
Condoleezza Rice for President
Mrs. Laura Bush's home page
Conservative Truth
The antidote to the liberal news media
Young America's Foundation
USA Freedom Corps
Freedom Alliance
News @ Truth
The American Conservative Union
United States Vice Presidential Museum
Alliance Defense Fund
American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property
The Center for Christian Statesmanship
Conservative Match
Conservative dating
Radical Conservative
Dedicated to eradicating liberalism
A Little More to the Right
Irritating Libs since 2001
Liberal Scum
Fight the Left, one Lib at a time!
The Patriette
The babblings of a proud Army wife
Dumb Celebs
The Dan Quayle information page
Our American Heroes-- our troups
Are You Conservative?
Test your political bias
America Supports you, Our Military Men and Women
Right Conservative
Conservative headlines and news
Rudy Giuliani-- Solutions America
Webring of conservative sites
Another webring of conservative sites
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