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I am a member of all three of these fine organizations. See my text below. Clicking on any of these logos will take you to the official website of that club, giving you club information and lots of other neat stuff.

The sites linked from this page (below) are mostly related to vintage ambulances, funeral cars, limousines, and Checker taxicabs, collectively known as "Professional-Cars".Enjoy!

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Big update completed 2/10/2002! (Yes, I realize that was 7 years ago. I am sorry, but I no longer have the time to keep this site updated. So I have no idea if all the links work.)

By the way, I'd like to thank those of you who have put up a link to this page on yours. It is appreciated. Thanks also to those who have sent me links to use on this site. I apologize for not answering you. I hope to add most of those links in my next update.

Table of Contents for the links section

1)Club websites
Links to the official homepages for professional car clubs, hearse clubs, some single marque clubs (such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, etc.), and other related clubs.
2)On-line hearse clubs, including Yahoo clubs
3)Personal Homepages
Websites from private individuals relating to professional cars in general, or about their own professional cars.
4)Dealer sites
Websites from new and used hearse and limousine dealers across the country
5)Coachbuilder sites
Websites from the various makers of professional cars
6)Commercial sites
Websites from limousine services, parts suppliers, gift catalogs, literature dealers, toy sellers, etc.
7)Imperial related sites
Websites for fans of Chrysler's flagship, the Imperial.
8)Cadillac related sites
Websites for fans of Cadillac
9)Sites concerning other makes
Websites concerning various types of cars, and various makes that I happen to like.
10)Tractor and engine sites
11)Chat room and message boards
12)Miscellaneous sites

Note: If you'd like to see pictures, please visit my Webshots photo galleries. There are 4 galleries there at the moment, including one gallery of old cars. It has pictures of my old ambulance, both of my old hearses, my limo, and so on. The link is at the bottom of this page, above the webrings. Note: Each gallery has a guestbook where you can leave comments about any of the pictures.

Before you look at the links, here is a little bit about what professional cars I've owned and what kinds of cars I like:

Many years ago I owned a 1963 Superior Cadillac Sovereign landau-style end-loading funeral coach, with suicide doors. I sold it to some local clam diggers back around 1986 or so. It now sits somewhere in a junkyard, and is a basket case, as far as I know. In September 1997 I bought a 1974 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Criterion 54" hightop ambulance. I bought it in Denver, Colorado, from an ambulance dealer owned by a PCS member. It had been taken out of service in June of 1996 by the hospital that had it since new. I was the first and only owner since it was taken out of service. In early August of 1999 I sold the car to an EMS squad for parade use and what have you. In December 1998 I bought a 1970 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau Traditional landau-style end-loading funeral coach. It was white with black crinkle roof, and I kept a brand new steel casket in it. In December of 2000 I sold the car to an enthusiast in Delaware. I now own a 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine, which I bought in November of 2000. It is white with black vinyl roof. I am a proud member of The Professional Car Society , and The Cadillac/LaSalle Club . I am also a member of the American Station Wagon Owner's Association, the Northeast Imperial Owner's Club, and Southern California Imperial Owners Inc. My vehicle I use as a daily driver is a 1987 Ford F-150 4-wheel drive pickup that I've had since new. (Yes, I drive a pickup truck every day!)

My ultimate ambulance would be the one I sold last year (mentioned above). It was the exact year, make and model I want, plus it was equipped exactly as I would want. It had Mars 888 front tunnel lights, a mint condition Federal Q2b siren, and a highback captain's chair in the rear compartment on the passenger side of the car, next to the side door. But I had to sell it for financial reasons. See my PhotoPoint galleries for pictures. Another ambulance I wouldn't mind having would be an Amblewagon conversion of a 60s or 70s Chrysler Town & Country. My ultimate hearse would be any Superior Cadillac landau-style endloader, with suicide doors, from the years 1959-1964 (especially 1959), but a `63 or `64 Eureka Cadillac landau endloader would do in a pinch. My ultimate limousine would be any Ghia Imperial from the years 1957-1965. In addition, I love all hearses, limos, and ambulances of the late 20's through the early 40's, especially carved hearses (gothic and carved-drape).

Besides Professional Cars, I also am interested in 1959-1976 Cadillacs, 1957-1975 Imperials, 1958-1979 Lincolns, and also just about any full-size or mid-size car of the 60's or 70's. This includes Checkers, Corvairs, Corvettes, Rolls-Royces, most station wagons, muscle cars, etc. My ultimate station wagon would be a `74 to `77 Chrysler Town & Country, or any `71 to `76 Buick, Chevy, Olds, or Pontiac full size with the "disappearing tailgate". A nice Cadillac wagon conversion would be cool too, but those are very hard to find. I also like pickup trucks, especially Fords. My ultimate pickup would be an early 90s Ford F-350 4-wheel drive, crew-cab pickup, with Navistar 7.3 liter Powerstroke Diesel and a 5-speed. My ultimate 4X4 vehicle of any kind would be a Lamborghini LM002. Those things were awesome! Some cars of the late 20's and early 30's that I like, in no particular order, are: Cunningham V-9, Stutz DV32, Duesenberg J and SJ, Cord L29, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler Imperial, Marmon V-16. Some foreign cars I like are Citroen, and the VW "Microbus", Beetle, and Type 3 wagon ("Squareback"). I also like the VW New Beetle. Other new or recent cars I like include the Dodge Viper V10, any late model Bentley Turbo R, Lamborghini Countach, Acura NSX, Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000GT.


The Professional Car Society
The Professional Car Society- Northeast Chapter
The Professional Car Society- New England Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Peachtree Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Ohio Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Tri State Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Indiana Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Northland Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Wisconsin Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Southern California Chapter
The Professional Car Society- Comet/Cotner-Bevington Chapter
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Valley Forge Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Long Island Metro Region (Long Island Dreamboats)
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Heart of Dixie Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Peach State Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Gulf Coast Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Western Reserve Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Rocky Mountain Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club- Southern California Region
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club of Australia
The Cadillac/LaSalle Club of New Zealand
Brougham Owner's Association, Inc.
For 1957 to 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham owners and enthusiasts
Lincoln and Continental Owner's Club
Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. - The Packard Club
Buick Club of America
Oldsmobile Club of America
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
Grim Rides Funeral Car Club
Phantom Coaches Hearse Club™
Los Angeles Hearse Society
Denver Hearse Association
Tro-Car Association of Dallas
Midwest Hearse Society
Dead Ends Professional Car Club
Dead Ends Up North
Morbid Riders Hearse Club New England
Ghost Riders Hearse Club
Grave Intentions Funeral Coach Club
Grave Sights Hearse Club
Wait for all the graphics to load. It will be worth it!
The Classic Hearse Register
A British Hearse club, with similar ideas and goals as the PCS
The Horizontal Limousine Club
A hearse club in Queensland, Australia
Dead Sleds Funeral Coach Club New Zealand
Association for Preservation of Historic Ambulances
The Touch of Class Limousine Club
Checker Car Club of America
SPAAMFAA- Official homepage
SPAAMFAA- Unofficial homepage
Police Car Owners of America
Emergency Vehicle Owners Operators Association
The American Station Wagon Owners Association

2)On-Line Clubs (including Yahoo clubs)

Las Ryd's Hearse Club
Dark Coaches: The Internet Hearse Society
The Professional Car Society on Yahoo
Grim Rides on Yahoo
Phantom Coaches Hearse Club on Yahoo
The Hearse Club (Yahoo)
Classic Hearse Club (Yahoo)
The Mortuary Garage (Yahoo club)
Clay's C-B Club
The Yahoo club for fans of Cotner-Bevington professional cars
Dead Sleds Funeral Coach Club (New Zealand) on Yahoo
The Hearse Toy Collector (Yahoo club)
Professional Car CounterCulture (Yahoo)

3)Personal Homepages

The Virtual Museum of Professional Cars
Brian Stahl's "Funeral Car Addicts Anonymous"
Jason and Jackie's `76 S&S Victoria Page
Tom's (Eurekaman's) Home Page
Welcome to! (from Dennis G.)
Allan's 67 Superior hearse
The first German Hearse Page
The Swag's homepage
Chariots of the Dead
Hearse, End of the Road!
Ticor's Hearse Page
Rob's PCS Baltimore 1997 Panoramic photos
Ron's Garage
Logsdon Escapes' Hearse
Johnny's Garage
Dave Lisiecki's Miscellaneous Pro-Car Photos
Hearse Driver website
Barry's `70 M-M endloader PhotoPoint gallery
bubbaloons Hearse page
Craig's Hearse page
Sonny Rockets Page
Hearse Guy's Page
"A Thousand Lovers Crying..."
Ragtop's Realm
A Hearse named Wednesday
House of Tombkeper
The Hearse Enthusiast
Lord Nekros' Funeral Car
The Flaming Hearse
Jerry Kayser's 1939 S&S Cadillac Imperial carved hearse
Riddle Coach & Hearse Company
A great website about the history of this old company
McCabe-Powers Body Company
Another great interesting website, with free screensavers you can download
HearseJr.'s website
1971 Miller-Meteor hearse for sale
Check this car out. It's a beauty!
Blanck Mortuary
Cool site!
Rob's pictures from April 1, 2001
PCS Northeast Chapter event in New Jersey
Hearses, caskets...
HEARSE by the way!!!!
My Girl Friday - hearse page
Cryptic Coaches
Spook Show
Gordon Wall's Body Bag (hearse page)
Jeff Brown's hearse page
cool list of vanity license plates for hearses
Check 'em out!
Kurt's Strange Hobbies web page
Cursed Hearse
Nice 1960 Eureka!
Professional Cars
Interesting page!
Reeves 101
This guy has a nice 1961 Miller-Meteor.
The World in my Eyes
A very good page, with a nice `66 M-M, called Patty Hearse
Pictures of abandoned and beat-up hearses and limos (mostly British)
Welcome To Classic Funeral Coaches
A 1960 M-M landau in New Zealand
Al's car page
A great page with tons of pictures and info on hearses, limos, etc.
Canadian Museum of Civilization-- horse-drawn hearse
Clay's Cotner-Bevington and Olds Links Page
Gashlycrumb, `62 M-M Duplex combination
Matt's 1966 Superior Combo photo page
Kevin Lynch's 1968 Superior Cadillac Rescuer ambulance
Compu Doc's Ambulance
Dawson Blackmore, Jr.'s 1957 Memphian DeSoto ambulance page
Neal's 1959 Eureka Cadillac 53" Highboy ambulance
Frank's 1967 Superior Pontiac 48" hightop ambulance
Shannon's `73 Cotner-Bevington military ambulance
Mark Provost's `73 Cotner-Bevington Cotington 48 ambulance
John Kustuch's 1975 Superior 54 hightop
Barry's `74 M-M Criterion ambulance PhotoPoint gallery
Ambulance Paramedics of B.C. - History
Pictorial History of Ambulances in Hawaii
Dave Lisiecki's International Harvester Ambulance Photo Page
Dave Lisiecki's Polish Ambulance Photo Page
Adventures in a Blue Ambulance
Retro Ambulance
Scott's `77 Lifeliner Homepage
Mark Provost's `77 Lifeliner
Warren Waterman's `77 Lifeliner
Groves & Co. of Flint, MI-- `77 Lifeliner page
1965 VW "Microbus" ambulance for sale
The Wilson's Home Page...Featuring Darrell's Federal Signal collection pages & more
Public Safety and Emergency Equipment reference guide
Land Yachts' Limousine Projects
Incredible Limousines 1
This is someone's private photo album of limo pictures. Use the menu on the left for his other albums.
Dave Cline's Classic Limousine Pictures
Now with over 350 limousine pictures
Dave Wells' Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five Website
Dave Burden's Limo Page
Rob's 1980 Armbruster-Stageway Cadillac 6-door limo
Little Limos- Chrysler's K-Body Executive sedans and limos of the 80's
1968 Oldsmobile Toronado 8-door limo
Checker Taxi Stand
The Checker Marathon Homepage
Checker Motor Company- history
a very good page at
Taxi to L.A.
The Ultimate Taxi in Aspen Colorado...The World's First Web Site On Wheels!!

4)Dealer Sites

Doug Scott funeral cars
This one's going out of business (owner retiring). Look for good deals.
W.R. Bennett Funeral Coaches
C-W Coach Sales
Ambulance & Funeral Coach Sales
United Coach & Limousine Sales
Burgess Hearse & Ambulance Sales
Baines Professional Vehicles, Inc.
Wolfington Body Company
Check out the Funeral Cars & Limousines section
Eagle Coach of New England
Parks Superior Sales
Muster Associates, Inc.
Professional vehicle sales since 1976
Shields Southeast Sales, Inc.
Hearse and Limousine sales and service- Atlanta, GA
S.E.S. Coaches
Johnson-Williams Funeral Sales
Southwest Professional Vehicles
Mullen Superior Coach, Inc.
MFT Professional Vehicles
Colonial Professional Cars, Ltd.
Miller Coach and Limousine Sales
Hanley Coach
The Finest Professional Vehicles in the Midwest!
LeaseCoach-- Atlanta, GA
The nation's largest and oldest provider of vehicle and equipment financing for the funeral industry!
Old Dead Cars . com
Specializing in rebuildable Classics, Rods and Customs
American Dream Cars- Cardiff, MD
Great Southern Classics- Waycross, GA
Classic Street
International dealer of fine classic vehicles
Goldenrod Garage- Freeport, Maine
Interesting old cars and trucks, sold and talked about
Classic Car Museum- Salt Lake City, UT
Estate Sale, Lifetime Collection, Antique Auto Museum
Big Car Daddy- Classic cars & parts
parts cars and used parts, mostly Cadillac
Classic and Vintage Funeral Coaches (Australia)

5)Coachbuilder Sites

Accubuilt, the leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles
Miller-Meteor Professional Vehicles
Superior Coaches
Eureka Professional Vehicles
S&S Coach Company
Krystal Koach - Funeral Coach
Federal Coach
Eagle Coach Company
Image Coaches
Classic Limousine, Inc.
Woodall Nicholson Limited
One of the oldest established coachbuilding companies in the UK
Nilsson UK
Kuhlmann-Cars GmbH
A German builder- Site is in German

6)Commercial Sites

Motorcycle Funerals - Triumph and Harley Davidson Hearse
Located in Whitwick, UK
North Georgia Limousine
C&J Limousine Service - Babylon, NY
Classic Auto Limousine Service Inc. (Minnesota)
A Super-Limo Company-- Phoenix, AZ
Serving cities worldwide
Welcome to the StiffRides home page
Book a ride in a classic hearse!
Gothic Limousines
A limo service in Las Vegas and Southern California, featuring vintage hearses
Destiny Tours- Gold Coast and Sydney, Australia
Off-beat tours by Cadillac hearse
DNR Industries, Limited--
USA Parts Supply- parts for vintage Cadillacs
dBaer's CadillacVille
Specializing in Cadillac parts since 1984
The Caddy Daddy Home Page
Honest John's Caddy Corner- vintage Cadillac parts
The Cadillac King
Dennis Akerman's Cadillac Parts
McVey's - New Parts for Old Cadillacs
Cadillac Recycling
Arizona Vintage Auto Parts
The Virtual Auto Parts Store Cadillac Page
GM Obsolete
Auto salvage yard specializing in 1950 & up Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile parts
Replica Plastics
Original replacement fender filler panels (and others) for `70s to `90s G.M. cars
Checker Car Heaven, your #1 source for Checker Automobile parts!!!
Checker Car Heaven, your #1 source for Checker Automobile parts!!!
A new website for the same company
Hoffmeister's Imperial Heaven
Your source for new and used Imperial parts
Professional Auto Repair- Hearse and Limousine Repair
Hollander Interchange Manuals website
California Car Cover Company
John Dorgan's antique and classic sirens and beacons- sales and restorations
Mike's Place- Emergency lighting products
Los Angeles County Coroner's Office gift shop
NYPD gift shop and catalog
Thanks to Amy, of Grim Rides, for this link.
1-800-Autopsy goodies catalog
Thanks to Amy, of Grim Rides, for this link.
City Morgue Gift Shop
The best place for gothic, mortuary, forensic and death related gifts
FSP Books and Videos
Classic Motorbooks online
Collectible Automobile® Magazine
One of my two favorite car magazines. The other is Special Interest Autos.
Walter Miller's original automotive sales literature- world's largest selection.
McLellan's Original Sales Literature- Hearse, Ambulance, Limousine
PJ's Auto Literature
Cadillac Brochures for sale
This dealer is in Australia.
Tilt Works
Click on "Quantity Postcards", for some interesting automotive postcards
Fright'ning Lightnings   Die Cast Cars by Mail
Mr. Scary Productions HALLOWEEN PROPS
See page 4 - prop caskets!
Corpses For Sale
Hey, if you've got the money, why not?
casket furniture, handmade caskets, cremation urns, pet urns
WhiteLight art caskets
This is a must-see site. These caskets are gorgeous!
Hemmings Motor News
Collector Car Trader Online
Cars Online classic car photo ads

7)Imperial-Related Sites

The Imperial Website
The Imperialist
Packards/Imperials Page
Zan's Imperial links page
The Imperial, by Chrysler
Elijah's Imperial Pages
Doug's Chrysler Imperial Page
Canadian Chrysler Imperial Connection
The Imperial Messenger
Ed & Terry's Imperial Restoration Projects
Chic & Nancy Kramer's Chrysler 300 and Imperial Page
Leslie's Imperial Ramblings
Dave's Corner
Mac's Imperial Place
Rudi and Nik Fast's Imperial Project Page
Dwight's Imperial Den
Coop11's 66 Imperial Crown!
Just one page, but it is a good one.
1963 Imperial LeBaron
This one is also only one page, but is very good too.
Homepage for my `63 Imperial
Chrysler Imperial homepage
Gen's Imperial Realm
Ken Miller's web pages (Imperials)
1964 Imperial Crown Coupe (for sale)
Imperial Owners Forum (Yahoo club)
Jeff's 65 Imperial GHIA Limo
1959 Imperial ambulance by Comet
This website has vanished. Has anyone seen a replacement?

8)Cadillac-Related Sites

Cadillac Motor Division homepage
The Cadillac Database
Cadillac History
a great database
Classic Cadillacs
a database with pictures
Allan's "Cool `59" page
Cadillacs on the Internet
Lmmax`s Homepage
`64 Cadillac page, with pets & outdoor scenery photos
Keith's `65 Cadillac Page
1970 Cadillac Station Wagon (for sale)
1972 Cadillac Station Wagon (for sale)
What a beautiful car!
1979 Cadillac Station Wagon
An article about this car at
The 1955 Cadillac camper page
The Caddy Zone (Yahoo club)

9)Sites concerning other makes

The Citroen Connection
a great French car
The Internet Guide to Stutz Cars
The Tucker Automobile Pages
Great stuff for Tucker enthusiasts
Kym's home page- vintage cars and car clubs
The Harold E. LeMay Museum
The world's biggest and best collection of automotive Americana
the online home of the Station Wagon
Wagons of Steel magazine
The Wagon Lover's owner's registry
Postwar Station Wagons- Mom's car makes a comeback
Station Wagons are Classics Too (Yahoo club)
Frank's Land Yacht Marina
Really Big Cars
Advantages of big, old cars (humor)
The V8 Monster
Classic V8 links and other V8 related information
Catso's Garage of excess
where "Nothing but the 1970's will do"
1960 Lincoln
NYBML Reference Material and Image Gallery
Excellent page from the New Yorker Brougham Mailing List
1976-1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Page
Derek's Chrysler New Yorker Page
the Chrysler Cordoba Page
"The New Small Chrysler"
Aero Warriors Webpage
`69 Dodge Charger Daytona/`70 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird
The Volkswagen Beetle Page
For those who love the VW Type III
links- Type III
Links to VW Type III sites
The Microcar and Minicar Club- official homepage
The Isetta Source
Great page for owners and fans of BMW Isettas
The International King Midget Car Club, Inc.
1955 Lincoln Futura page
Lamborghini LM002 page at the IGN for Men website
Lamborghini LM002- the coolest 4X4 passenger truck ever built!
another Lamborghini LM002 page
Lamborghini Club America-- home page
The Humdinger- ultra custom golf carts
all-terrain golf carts that look like Hummers!

10)Tractor and Engine Sites

Antique Tractor Resource Page
Yesterday's Tractors on-line magazine
The Vintage Ford Tractor Resource
Rumely Collector's News
The Magazine For Fans and Collectors Of Rumely,
Advance-Rumely, Aultman-Taylor, Advance, Gaar-Scott and more!
Rough & Tumble Engineers Historical Association-- Kinzers, PA
The Lawn & Garden Tractor Home Page
Simplicity Manufacturing home page
Simple trACtors- The Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors
Simplicity Garden Tractor Club (Yahoo)
Lawn & Garden Power Equipment Directory Home Page
The Old Engine Magazine And Directory of Shows on The World Wide Web Home page
The place on the Internet for lovers of Old Iron

11)Chat Room and Message Boards

Professional Car Chat Room
Professional Car Society Message Board system
Professional Car Society, Northland Chapter forums
National Hearse and Ambulance Association
Phantom Coaches Hearse Club™ Message Board
Dallas Tro-Cars Message Board
Denver Hearse Association message board
Dead-Ends.Com Message Board
Dead Ends Up North Message Board
The Checkerboard
Cadillac/LaSalle Club Message Board
Classic Cadillac Parts
A free board where you can buy and sell classic Cadillac cars & parts
The Lincoln and Continental Owners Club Ultimate Bulletin Board
Tractor forums
a page of 19 different tractor-related message boards!
Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
Ghostbusters Message Board!
Funeral Service Center™ Information Board

12)Miscellaneous Sites

general automotive, funeral-related, etc.

Classic Vehicle Advocate Group
fighting for the rights of owners of classic and antique vehicles of all types
The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
Omar Jazz Morticians
Check out the great old hearse these guys drive. Thanks to Amy, of Grim Rides, for the link.
Official Carhenge website
pictures of the car used in the 1977 movie "The Car"
Doc Bresler's Cavity Busters
This PA dentist owns a couple of neat professional cars.
The Swan Brewery Variety Club Bash - Car 888
The car is a `65 Superior Pontiac ambulance
West Norriton Ambulance Squad
look at their background page for a history with pictures of old ambulances
San Antonio Ambulance Sales
Click on "more" for some great old pictures!
Erika and Rozane's Unofficial Emergency! Page
Project 51
The Ghostbusters Homepage
another Ghostbusters homepage
Henry Haunted House Productions
Cemetery Records on the Internet
Find A Grave
Find out where anyone famous (dead of course!) is buried
Roadside America Pet Cemetery
Find out where any famous animal is buried
(pets of celebrities, famous movie animals, etc.)
Victorian Day of Mourning, 9/12/98, at Sacramento, CA's Old City Cemetery
Shrader Funeral Home online
A funeral home in Indiana. Website has nice historical photos.
Holman-Howe Funeral Home-- Lebanon, MO
Look at their fleet of vehicles
NFDA Online
NFDMA Home Page
Welcome to FuneralNet
National Academy of Mortuary Science home page
Funeral Service Center
Service Corporation International (S.C.I.)
The Loewen Group, Inc.
National Museum of Funeral History home page
Funeral History
Welcome to Funeral Antiques
Funerals page- American Local History Network
Everything you need to know about caskets
From The Funeral Help Page
Note: I have posted the above link for those interested in it, not as an attack on the industry.
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